coming out guide for the lgbt
The decision to come out to friends and family as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is a life changing one.
How to create a stress free home
Creating a Mentally Healthy Home Environment to Reduce Stress The world is stressful, so when we come home, it should
It seems there was less talk about New Year Resolutions during the transition from 2020 to 2021. Perhaps that was
Social Anxiety in the LGBTQ
Do you experience fear and anxiety when interacting with people you don’t know well? Have you noticed yourself feeling overwhelmed
how to set boundaries with toxic people
There are toxic environmental factors, such as fumes, chemicals, and waste, and then the less literal (but still damaging), toxic
Active Hobbies for Physical and Emotional Health
Hobbies, past times, leisure activities…. all of these descriptors sound so passive and unimportant. These enjoyable activities are far more
Girl hugging herself with self-compassion
We’ve all encountered someone who constantly bemoans the difficulties of their life. Everyone needs to vent, but some people take
Covid Holiday Loneliness
The phrase ‘home for the holidays’ has a decidedly different tone in 2020, as many of us are exercising caution
Women and Self Sabotage
Women’s liberation has brought us into this rich environment in which we finally have more autonomy, equality and power than
what is gratitude
I know, I know…if you see another post about having gratitude you are going to throw up. I get it.

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