Overcoming the Holiday Blues
The holiday season is loaded with expectation, anticipation and the false idea that people should be cheerful.  Romanticized holiday movies,
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How to Diagnose Personality Disorders
People dealing with personality disorders are often lonely and feel disconnected from others. These types of disorders are the most
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Physicians Burnout Treatment
How to Manage Physician Burnout Symptoms
Physician burnout affects approximately 50% of providers. Given the long hours and increasing demands, it is no surprise that so
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Physicians Burnout: Signs and Symptoms
What are the Signs and Symptoms of Physicians Burnout: As the demands on time and energy increase, physicians are becoming
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Banker Burnout
Recognizing Burnout in the Field of Finance
Financial professionals are all too familiar with the stressors of day to day work.  Sometimes even the most resilient of
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Preventing and Managing Burnout in the Financial Sector
Once you realize you’re experiencing burnout, you can’t “unknow” it. Even if one chooses to ignore their symptoms there’s still
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Veterans PTSD Support
PTSD: Accessing Support and Healing (Part 2)
In the Last article, I wrote about PTSD this week we will cover Veterans PTSD Support . Post Traumatic Stress
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PTSD: A Natural Response to an Unnatural Set of Events (Part 1)
Severe trauma has a unique way of binding itself to the mind. Our reactions are hard-wired and serve as a
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teyhou smyth
Lawyer’s Survival Guide: Coping with Burnout
What do you envision when you think of lawyer burnout?  Do you think of a frazzled, cranky and exhausted person
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teyhou smyth
Lawyers: Recognizing Burnout Symptoms
Every profession has the potential for burnout; lawyers are equally at risk and should keep an eye out for the
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