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Which Me Am I Now?
Which you is you? Are you the one who commanded that staff meeting the other day; the powerhouse of productivity
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Teyhou Smyth Multitasking life balance
The Myth of Multitasking
Multi-tasking has become such a common practice, it almost seems strange for us to do only one thing at any
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Is Good Enough Good Enough?
Some days, we work harder than others. It’s human nature. There are some tasks and responsibilities that simply don’t require
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Teyhou Smyth Moral Compass
Reading Your Moral Compass
Each of us is said to have a “moral compass” of sorts, that guides our behaviors and gives us a
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teyhou smyth life balance llc feminism
“Man Up”: Become a Feminist By Teyhou Smyth
When you think of feminism, do you think about hoards of man-hating women picketing in the streets? One of the
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Teyhou Smyth
Shh. Don’t Tell Anyone, But I’m A Fraud
Shh. Don’t Tell Anyone, But I’m A Fraud You go to work, you do your job, you go home. Over
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Self Care and Mindful Living
We hear the words “self care” and “mindfulness” everywhere lately. Open a magazine, watch a television program, or scan social
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Work-life-balance Teyhou Smyth
The Balancing Act: Finding The Sweet Spot Between Work And Life
When you conjure up images of being a success at work, what do you picture in your mind’s eye? If
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