What are the origins of anger? Rage.  Fury.  Wrath.  Simmering, seething, exploding with anger.  Simply seeing language associated with it
Camaraderie and Joint Commitment If you are angry and need to vent, there is always a willing audience to watch,
Self-Destruction and the Trap of People Pleasing Helping others feels undeniably good. The positive vibes we get from helping rewards
The Effect of Music on The Mind No matter what the occasion, we turn to music. It is the backdrop
Our current world-wide health crisis is on everyone’s mind; we haven’t seen this level of catastrophic illness and death since
Burnout Recovery: We Get to Decide How COVID-19 Transforms Us Times sure are strange, huh? The stress of our normal
How to cope with  Quarantined Life? As enforced orders take place to ensure our health safety from the deadly Covid
People Pleasers
People Pleasers Unite! (But Only If It Works for You and You Don’t Mind Very Much) What does People Pleasing
How can Coronavirus affect Los Angeles? If you have a bed and a home to sleep in tonight, be grateful.
We’re all suckers when it comes to love. It is the main theme of our lives; it motivates our behaviors

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