Romantic comedies are such a lie. No one finds these types of relationships; they simply don’t exist. Finding love can
Relationships can become a veritable petri dish of fear and insecurity. All those unresolved, murky emotions from childhood, as well
Financial issues are a primary source of conflict for many couples. In fact, one survey showed that conflict over money
Meeting someone you are compatible with isn’t always an easy task, particularly if you are a busy, successful person.  It
In the last weeks we covered rebuilding Intimacy and surviving infidelity in relationships. When you meet that special someone it
When a couple faces infidelity, it can feel like the relationship is doomed. For some couples, cheating might be the
The cultural idea of “relationship” has been shifting over the past several decades. Fewer people are getting married. Traditional relationships
Couple conflict is normal. It doesn’t feel good, and it can get messy, but it is a normal part of
Wouldn’t it be something if relationships never left the early, dreamy stages of infatuation and wonder? Think of all the
International outrage is brewing after Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah made the controversial death penalty for gay sex ruling on April

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