Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

What is Emotional Intelligence

We all face challenges in life, some more than others. Emotional intelligence addresses our own unique capacity to recognize, understand, and control our reactions to life’s challenges.

What is Resilience

It is an important component of emotional intelligence. Specifically, strong emotional resilience helps us deal with adversity and failure without finding ourselves stuck in a rut.

Emotional intelligence and resilience impact how we handle stressful situations and the way we approach personal and professional relationships. When challenging circumstances that affect us, we all need the emotional intelligence skills to understand why they occurred and how to address them.

Stress and Emotional Intelligene

The more stress we experience in our personal and professional lives, the more resilience we need to deal with these challenges effectively.

People lacking emotional intelligence and resilience often see negative impacts to their careers and relationships without fully understanding why. They may also feel overwhelmed or disabled by the challenges they are experiencing in life. At these times, a fresh perspective and support is critical.

Emotional intelligence and resilience training

Teyhou Smyth and her team are highly skilled and will help you build emotional intelligence and tap into your own personal resilience.

As time moves on, and you begin to look further into yourself with your therapist, you can let go of the defense or old survival strategy when the time is right, and  not a minute before or a minute after. That is what resilience and EI can give you, a way forward with those old feelings.

By reflecting on your own experience, you will realize this is the only way change happens. With time and reflection, the growth of emotional intelligence and also resilience will be like it was always there for you.

The gift that happens when you start looking at your own emotions, using them for your progress, and finding your strength and resilience is that you will find that you no longer resent those who have harmed you.

Your grief and anger will be gone. What you have, you will be able to use for more positive things. It will be the emotion and energy of growth.

While therapy and reflection may seem like no movement is occurring for you, really great strides are being taken when you, with the aid of a counselor, look back at what has happened, and why it happened. You get to reframe your own history, and see it more objectively.

Likely you missed some things that were important, such as all the times you survived and came back from defeat. Everyone has those moments, they just do not see them.

With introspection and the gifts that come from EI and resilience, you get to let go of the past. You do not have to relive any grief or pain any longer; their job is done teaching you. 

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