Gender Identity

Sexual orientation and gender identity are important components of your personal sense of self. However, some of us struggle to understand and accept our gender identity. If you do not feel defined by your biological or assigned gender at birth, your thought processes may be ridden with confusion and fear. Living with Finesse works with diverse individuals across the LGBTQ community and helps people achieve a greater sense of self acceptance and validation in asserting their true internal gender.

Gender is much more than the sex assigned to you at birth. Your gender gives rise to social and behavioral expectations, characteristics, and beliefs. Gender is much more about how you fit into social and cultural systems, not just what chromosomes or body parts you have. Gender identity involves how you feel inside, and how you want to communicate these feelings to the rest of the world. Clothing, behavior, and personal appearance are critical components to your gender identity, but at the end of the day it’s about being your true self.

Even in the diverse communities of West Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, finding your personal gender identity can be a struggle.Teyhou Smyth and her team are highly skilled  and here to help you to become your authentic self, whether you are struggling with questions regarding your sexual orientation or gender identity. 

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