Professional Identity

Balancing Professional Identity

Your professional identity is much more than just what you do for a job. It’s a relatively stable and enduring collection of beliefs, motives, attributes, and experiences that define you when you’re in your professional role.

Whether you’re setting up a ritzy new office in Beverly Hills or climbing the corporate ladder in Downtown LA, you carry your professional identity with you wherever you go. It provides signals to those around you regarding the type of professional skills, abilities, and expertise you possess. As a result, your professional identity is critical to effective networking and career development.

Some of us struggle to find our professional identities. This doesn’t mean that we don’t love our jobs or appreciate our existing professional opportunities. It simply means that we have not solidified the many components that go into defining our professional selves. Working with a counselor can help you understand who you are in your career and how to integrate your professional identity into your working life.

This will not only lead to a greater sense of personal fulfillment in your work, it also gives you more control over the long-lasting perceptions your employers, employees, and co-workers have of you. If you want to do more to develop your professional identity, Teyhou and her team can be a helpful resource. Corporate workshops can will help your team. Since employees invest so much in the workplace, providing mental health workshops shows investment in them. People anticipate skill-related trainings that connect to the work they perform, but they probably would not anticipate a mental health workshop.

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