Overcoming the Holiday Blues

The holiday season is loaded with expectation, anticipation and the false idea that people should be cheerful.  Romanticized holiday movies, media advertising and non-stop holiday music set us up to feel as though we are traitors if we aren’t joyful.  What Are the Leading Causes of Holiday Stress There are countless reasons people can feel… Read More Overcoming the Holiday Blues


How to Diagnose Personality Disorders

People dealing with personality disorders are often lonely and feel disconnected from others. These types of disorders are the most challenging to treat, as they are considered intractable and imbedded deeply within the construct of the person’s development.  Personality disorders are treatable. Success depends on accessing the right treatment and committing to it.  According to… Read More How to Diagnose Personality Disorders


Therapy Reimagined Conference

Dr. Teyhou Smyth Presents at Therapy Reimagined 2019 Keeping a healthy mental and emotional state is just as important as maintaining physical health. Feeling good mentally and emotionally is as critical to performance as feeling good physically, which is why an increasing number of top companies are committing resources to workplace wellness programs (Forbes). Without… Read More Therapy Reimagined Conference


How to Manage Physician Burnout Symptoms

Physician burnout affects approximately 50% of providers. Given the long hours and increasing demands, it is no surprise that so many of our medical providers are overwhelmed, depressed and burned out.  Recognizing Physician Burnout Burnout can happen in any profession. For physicians, burnout can have dire consequences, not only for the individual provider, but for… Read More How to Manage Physician Burnout Symptoms