Brunei Boycott

International outrage is brewing after Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah made the controversial death penalty for gay sex ruling on April 3, 2019.

This antiquated, hate-filled ruling increases the already-existing anti-gay laws of the region. As a result of this law change, life for gay residents and travelers in Brunei is extremely dangerous.

If there is anything we can learn from the recent governmental tyranny of Brunei, it’s this: fairness and equality are not universal values.

We must continue to guard against hateful decisions made by oppressive people of power.

In a sweeping act of defiance against Brunei’s recent anti-gay laws, British businesses join with others around the world to retract financial connections with Brunei, sending a clear message to governmental officials of that nation.

Canada has given a similar message, standing with the United Nations in defining the death-penalty laws for gay sex as “inhumane.”

How Does Tyranny and Discrimination Happen?

Anytime there is a law passed in a country that persecutes a certain group based on lifestyle or ingrained traits such as race, gender, sexual preference or other factors, we must look closely at the dictating forces behind it.

Oppressive dictators like Brunei’s have a long, evil history in this world.

Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and the like were dangerous and corrupt criminals who abused their powers to prosecute citizens. The moment we fail to remember these atrocities we are doomed to repeat them.

The recent ruling by the Sultan of Brunei reflects an intent to rid the population of homosexuals. This genocidal intent is a scary reminder that the world isn’t as open and progressive as we’d like to think.

Dictators who legislate from a platform of hatred empower others with similar intent.

Evil breeds evil.

In the case of the Brunei legislation, the homophobic intent stems from a place of fanatical Muslim extremism. It should be clarified that the origins of the Islamic religion are not based in this hatred and condemnation. Muslims are not defined by this radical extremism.

Leaders such as Bolkiah attempt to smear the reputation of peace-loving Muslims, who then suffer the fate of religious bias and maltreatment.

This is an unfortunate side-effect of religious fanaticism in politics. There is a two-way victimization; the population of people who are being unfairly legislated against, and the unoffending civilian demographic of the extremist, in this case, Muslims.

When this double-victimization happens in a culture, the dominating power uses that hatred to fuel further discord and justify their nefarious purpose.

Leaders who incite hatred through legislation are sociopathic. We must guard against the dangers of this type of leadership by teaching the opposite values to our children and the next generation of world leaders.

International withdrawal of financial ties to Brunei sends a clear message to Sultan Bolkiah that his legislative decisions are scorned.

We need to continue to rebel against this radical extremism to protect the world from the domination of evil forces. It is important to band together to defend against such tyranny.

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