How To Rethink Mental Help

Teyhou Smyth on…boosting self-esteem with positive thinking.

A head of their talks at Soho House, six mental health warriors show you how to find inner mental strength and how to help others find it too.

Modern-day living and its strains can take a toll on our self-confidence, and learning how to boost self-confidence in everyday life is essential to mental wellbeing. It’s more imperative than ever to practice self-care so that we continue to thrive.

Self-confidence is always evolving within us as we learn and encounter new experiences. Simple tips include focusing on your positive qualities rather than negative ones and challenging yourself when negative self-talk creeps in. Instead say something about yourself-retraining your mind to self correct negativity will help establish a new habit that is far healthier.

Positive thinking is the foundation of our confidence levels and needs to be incorporated into our daily lives.

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