How To Be The Star Of Your Own Life By Teyhou Smyth

Our culture is a little bit star-crazy. There are entire magazines dedicated to the life of pop stars and movie stars; we obsess on who stars date, what they wear, eat and think.

Sometimes it seems as if we focus more on the inner workings and details of our stars lives than our own. We are curious because we want to get to know these people who have accomplished so much.  There is a bit of magic about these highly successful people. We see them living the lives we can only dream of.

But what about YOU? When was the last time you stood back and admired your own star-qualities?

Maybe it’s time that you became the star of your own life. Amp up your inner star; it is a necessary step toward becoming your best self.

Recognizing Your Gifts:

An important factor in becoming the star of your own life is to recognize your gifts and strengths. Take an honest assessment of yourself. What do you like? how about love? What do you bring to this world in your own unique way?

Some people are reluctant to talk about what they like about themselves; there is a fear of coming across as conceited. Rather than feel like you’re bragging, consider it an acknowledgement of self. Just as you would acknowledge that you are a certain height, that your hair is a certain color, consider your strengths in the same light.

Your strengths and gifts are simply facts about you. There is nothing shameful about acknowledging the facts. Often our gifts lie in what calls to us. Look at the things that keep resurfacing in your thoughts and the areas of life that you are most passionate about.  

If you’re struggling with recognizing your gifts openly and honestly, try answering the following:

I am good at:

I love myself because:

People benefit from my:

I do this better than anyone else I know:

Making A Plan:

What will it take for you to be the star of your own life? While there is no standard answer to this question, here are a few tips to get you started.

Set aside time each week (or daily if possible) to honor your gifts and strengths. If you are lit up with excitement each time you get the chance to paint, or if you are gifted at helping others and this feels fantastic to you, do it. Don’t allow any negative self-talk to interfere with your plans.

If you begin to “should” yourself (thinking “I should be doing something else”) counter those thoughts with compassionate redirection. “I should be participating in my life fully; engaging in the parts of life that bring me joy and bring out the best parts of myself.”

Invest in yourself:

You are the only you you’ll ever have. You are worthy of investment, attention and intention. Is there a course that you’ve been wanting to take? Have you thought of a business venture but didn’t have the courage to go for it? Approach your investment in yourself as a brainstorming session.

Write out all of your interests and ideas and what you would do if there were no barriers. Often the thing that we consider a barrier to success is something that can be approached from a different perspective. Bring a trusted friend into your brainstorming process to see if she has ideas you hadn’t considered to help maneuver around barriers.

Set a benchmark.

When becoming the star of your own life, it is important to have goals. Even more vital is to set up a benchmark for your goal, asking yourself “how will I know when I’ve succeeded?” Ask yourself what signs of internal and external validation will show you that you’ve arrived.

Establish a vision board:

Vision boards offer us an opportunity to explore ideas of success. When developing a vision board, imagine what it will feel like and look like to reach your goals. A vision board can consist of collages, words, symbols or any other tangible representation of success. A vision board sets up an expectation for success.

It takes a dream and turns it into a physical presence, which increases the odds of it becoming your reality. Similarly, take advice from The Secret and consider the ways you can manifest your dreams and goals through intention. Focus your intentions and energy toward what you wish to create in your life and live your life in a mental space of expectation and accomplishment.

The laws of attraction have been helping people attain their goals for thousands of years. While it is not a new concept, we can draw on the wisdom and truth of these practices to rise to our own inner stardom.

Protect Yourself

You don’t need the approval of others, but human nature sometimes draws us into an urge to seek it. Protect yourself from the nay-sayers and “haters.” If you know that a certain friend or family member tends toward negativity, don’t even bother to confide in them.

Your dreams, goals and inner-star qualities are worthy of support and recognition. People who see your gifts and encourage your passions are the only supporters you need and the only ones who deserve to be aware of your growth process.

Resist the urge to defend your journey toward inner stardom. You have nothing to apologize for, nothing to explain and don’t need to entertain the negativity of others.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate your glorious self. Perfection is not required, just an ability to love yourself, honor your strengths and develop the courage to step into the destiny that awaits you.

Society pushes us toward reaching for goals that give us financial gain, but that is not necessarily where you will find the joy. Money may be a nice secondary gain, but the importance of reaching a destination that resonates with your soul is worth even more.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

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