The Importance of Life Partners

The Importance of Life Partners

When we choose someone to be in a relationship with with for the rest of our lives, we are most likely madly in love, and in a state of bliss. We think every day will be the honeymoon and this will go on forever. How could it get better?

Well, then reality sets in. Bills have to be paid. Chores need to get done. Who takes out the trash? People make mistakes, and people hurt each other’s feelings. Then we forget that bliss that happened months, years or decades earlier.

Let’ take a step back and look at lifetime partnership. It can be really easy to remember clearly every time your partner has stepped on your toes or done something embarrassing in public.

It can be hard to remember why you chose to have a partnership for life. So, in that spirit, here are some reasons why it is important to be in a relationship for life, and the benefits of that lifetime partnership.

1. Communications for Life

Communication is key to the success of any relationship. Listening intently, using the right tone of voice, and having empathy for what the other person is saying are all characteristic of good communication skills. The ability, however, to have a conversation with a longtime companion is an invaluable gift.

Overtime, you can learn each other’s communication styles and thinking patterns to the point of finishing each other’s sentences. This builds a continuity of conversation only shared with friends and couples who have been together for a long time. You get to know deeply who this person is, and their communication style is one way that happens.

2. Joy and Laughter

It’s fun to joke around and have a special companion with whom you laugh so hard your side hurts. Acting silly and having goofball moments of intimacy provide priceless pockets of joy in a relationship. You get to laugh honestly and genuinely with someone for life.

3. Someone Having Your Back

There is no better feeling than knowing that a safety net exists for you in the form of a person upon whom you can depend. A long-term companion provides that unique type of friendship and emotional security.

When someone says, “I got your back,” you believe it and immediately feel secure in knowing you will be supported and backed for your decisions and opinions, no matter what happens. This kind of trust and security provides so much for both partners.

4. Through Thick and Thin

The longer you stay together, the more likely it is that as partners, you’ve been through and endured a lot together. It is common for couples to express a heightened feeling of closeness after surviving a crisis or loss. As a couple grows together, they begin to value even more, the strength of companionship during hard times, with the intent of being there for the long haul. It makes the good times that much sweeter.

5. Support

Receiving emotional support from the person who is closest to you is a key advantage of being in a long-term relationship. Exposing personal vulnerabilities is a risky feat, even when done in confidence with a therapist.

But having a close companion who knows your history and weaknesses, providing that shoulder upon which to lean and cry, is a comforting advantage of long term companionship.

6. Shared Finances and Household Responsibilities

Let’s be honest, no one wants to take out the garbage. But we find ways to divide up chores and responsibilities in the household. This takes a lot of pressure off both partners. There can be more to it than that, however.

If couples make an effort over time to work together toward a happy medium, they will eventually see the advantage of having a partner with whom to share the burdens of daily responsibilities. It takes time, patience, and respect of each other’s differences to develop a partnership out of which the balance in making a happy home life will be achieved. The longer you work at it, the more likely it will work out.

Regardless of the conflicts, two incomes, along with two heads to make decisions, are better than one.

7. Health Concerns, Emergencies, and Need for Medical Assistance

One of the realities of getting older is being confronted with health challenges, changes in physical strength and mobility, and an acceptance of coming into one’s twilight years. These realities cause us to ask,

  • “Who can I count on if I need to get to the doctor?”
  • “Who will be available to me in the case of an emergency?”
  • “Who will be there when I wake up from surgery?”
  • “Who will be by my side when I can no longer fend for myself?”

These are questions and circumstances we take for granted when we’re young, vital, and single. Lifelong partners already know the answer.

8. Sharing Faith – Praying Together

The spiritual connection a couple shares can enrich their relationship on so many levels. Couples who share similar religious values, beliefs, or a common faith have a closeness that is informed by their relationship with their higher power as individuals and as a couple.

Prayer is a powerful tool for couples to employ for getting through tough times and for giving thanks for blessings received. Praying together can strengthen the bond between partners and enhance a deeply meaningful companionship.

9. Realities of Partnership

Being in a partnership has hidden perks that people do not think about. For instance, couples have a longer life expectancy and are generally healthier than single people. Insurance rates for married couples are lower, because partnered people are healthier and also get into fewer accidents. You get benefits that you did not even think about, or know, by being in a partnership.

10. Shared Memories

Creating memories with a long-term companion is a critical part of building imagery upon which a couple can look back together and reminisce about the good times. Listening to favorite music or your song can elicit recollections of significant occasions shared.

Be it a vacation spot, honeymoon pictures, a favorite “first time” moment, or birthday celebrations, re-living the many fun times provides proof of the richness of the relationship. The longer the companionship, the more memories to share as you remember those times.

Partners bring stability, continuity and intimacy to you for the long run. You can get a lot out of a lifetime partnership, although it is not without work and effort. What you put into it, however, will benefit you and come back to you in so many ways, that makes the effort, hurt feelings, and work worth it in the end.

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